Location Is Still Important for Students Who Want Off-Campus Housing

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Location is still a key factor when students are looking for student living apartments in Baton Rouge. Students may be willing to spend extra money if it means that they are closer to the facilities and the amenities they are going to use the most often.

In fact, when looking for student living apartments in Baton Rouge, most students will take proximity to the university they attend over certain amenities. For most students, being able to walk to campus is preferable to needing to pay for a bus. Being able to ride a bike to campus is preferable to needing to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance associated with owning a vehicle.

This does not mean that students are not concerned about amenities. Most students are number crunchers. They try to figure out how they can make the most out of the least amount of money. If there is an apartment that offers a free gym and free high-speed Internet, but it requires the student to take the bus, they may factor the cost of taking the bus over the cost of paying for high-speed Internet or gym membership.

Students recognize that there are multiple options at multiple price points. They are looking to get the most bang for each dollar they spend. They also want to enjoy a comfortable apartment to live in.

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