Living the Sweet College Life in a Lawrence, KS, Student Apartment

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Living in an apartment is such an adult thing, but it’s growing in popularity with college kids because it feels more like home to them. If you are planning on attending a college in Lawrence, KS, there are apartment housing options available. What’s more, the student apartments in Lawrence, KS, don’t feel the least bit like student housing at all (beyond the huge population of young twenty-somethings, of course). Some of the amenities are particularly comforting and convenient too.

The Amenities That Make Student Apartments Attractive

One big plus of the student apartments in Lawrence, KS, is the free transportation. Rather than having to walk or ride a bike to campus, there’s a shuttle that regularly takes students from apartment complex parking lots straight to the campus. It leaves and arrives at regular intervals, so even if you are running late, you can still make the most of your class time.

The Saltwater Pool

No other campus housing can boast a saltwater pool. The sensation of the salt water, the buoyancy you feel, and the relaxed state of being in this pool are incomparable. After a long day of studying, you can take a dip or do a few laps in the morning before your first class to wake up your brain. However, you cut it; the saltwater pool is worth exploring these apartments.

When you are ready to check out floor plans, visit Helix 24 at You can see many more of the great amenities included with your student housing expenses.

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