The Role of Social Awareness in Attracting College Students to Housing

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Student Housing Center

College students are attracted to student living apartments in Baton Rouge that show sustainability. Millennials and Generation X are unique in that they have a deep awareness of social issues and are activists. They are not shy about voicing the causes they care about. They will support social causes they care about with their wallet.

For this reason, marketers have seen that college students are willing to spend a little bit more money for student living apartments in Baton Rouge that are sustainable. They feel that by spending a little bit of extra money to benefit society or the environment, they are doing their part to protect the planet.

Some of the amenities that attract college students include green spaces, unit energy-saving features, and programs for recycling. For many college students, these amenities can be just as important, if not more important, than things like tennis courts, swimming pools, or gymnasiums.

This viewpoint is understandable, especially because Generation X has grown up in a world where they are constantly being told about their responsibility to take steps to improve the environment. Now that they are on their own and have the opportunity to make their own decisions, they want to show that they have the convictions of their beliefs. They are willing to support those conviction by how they spend their money.

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