Short-Term Rentals in San Diego: Ideal for Independent Contractors

Independent contractors who work in various locations far from home need short-term housing in those places. Many prefer an apartment instead of a hotel for the extra space, a kitchen for meal preparation and a quieter atmosphere. They’ll look for furnished short term rentals in San Diego that are a short drive from the workplace and close to a broad range of nearby amenities.

Enjoying Time Off

Many contract workers put in more than 40 hours on the job each week. During their days off, they typically want to relax and have fun. They may want to explore local parks, shops and restaurants. Having some of these amenities within easy walking distance is especially desirable. Short term rentals in San Diego recognized for their proximity to these city features will be a priority.

A Homey Sanctuary

Furnished apartments tend to feel more like a sanctuary than a hotel room or suite does when returning after a long workday. It’s a homier atmosphere, and the renter has more space to spread belongings out. Keeping food on hand is easy because of the kitchen, so there’s no need to spend money at restaurants frequently.


A two-bedroom short-term rental apartment is ideal for workers who want to have family or friends come and stay overnight. Some independent contractors are married or have a significant other, and some have children. Having these visitors stay for a weekend gives everyone an opportunity to explore the San Diego area together while enjoying a comfortable apartment environment.

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