Understanding Landlord and Tenant Laws in Chicago

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Real Estate Attorney

A rental agreement involves two parties, the landlord and tenant, who enter into an agreement together. These two parties must sign a contract outlining the terms of their arrangement. The laws that govern this contract are referred to as landlord and tenant laws. Chicago tenants and landlords need to know the ins and outs of these laws to make sure they abide by them throughout the entirety of the contract. They should also know these laws so that they can be aware when their rights are breached.

Functioning Appliances in Every Unit

A Chicago landlord is responsible for supplying an apartment with fully-functioning appliances. If the fridge is not working properly then the landlord is responsible for replacing it or, at the very least, fixing it. The same is true for dishwashers, stoves, and other appliances located within the rental unit. If the appliances are not operating well, a tenant can seek out legal protection based on landlord and tenant laws Chicago landlords must abide by. An attorney can petition the courts to enforce these laws and make the apartment a functional one.

Returning the Security Deposit

A security deposit is provided to ensure that upon moving out of the rental unit, any damage that occurred can be paid for. The security deposit is not to be spent by the landlord but instead, it should be kept until it is time for the tenant to vacate the property. When this occurs, it will be necessary for the landlord to hand over any payments as long as the unit is in good shape. In some instances, a landlord may try to keep the deposit. A good attorney can fight on behalf of their client and can make sure the landlord acts in accordance with landlord and tenant law Chicago stipulations.

Lease Enforcement

In addition to the tenants’, landlords have rights too. An attorney can work to enforce the landlord’s rights as outlined in landlord and tenant law Chicago provisions. Getting the right legal help is simple when one chooses to work with an experienced attorney. This legal professional will take care of all of the details ensuring everything is adhered to according to law.

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