Denman Island Real Estate: A Sound Investment

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Real Estate

The reasons to invest in Denman Island Real Estate are plenty. Not only does it provide high financial value, the friendly locals and the closeness to nature, as well as urban centres make for an excellent holiday getaway or even a permanent relocation to the island. Beautiful properties are located along picturesque locations across Boyle Point Park and heading up to Sandy Island Park, providing a wide range of choices for investors interested in Denman Island’s real estate.

Abundant in Natural Beauty

The landscape of this area is picturesque with sandy beaches, lush forests, beautiful farmlands, rocky coves and numerous hiking trails, and appeals greatly to outdoor enthusiasts and artists. The island’s climate is temperate, so those interested in gardening can plant around the year, while cyclists enjoy riding in the winter. Denman Island has a lot of agricultural land, and get a high amount of rain and sun due to their favourable geographical location. Due to these reasons, real estate in Denman Island receives a lot of tourist attention, especially from those planning to purchase retirement homes and experiencing a quality lifestyle.

Gorgeous Parks and Adventurous Hikes

The three stunning provincial parks in Denman Island have a number of hiking trails amidst them. Boyle Point Provincial Park, which is at the island’s southern end, is visited for eagle watching. The hiking trail here gives a fabulous view of the Chrome Island lighthouse. Fillongley Provincial Park, on the eastern part of the island, allows public camping for which a spot can be booked in advance. At the Sandy Island Provincial Park, you find tourists admiring the variety of birds and butterflies apart from indulging in water activities like fishing, swimming and kayaking. This is one of the most popular destinations on Denman Island.

Art and Culture

For those seeking to immerse in the local culture, there are many public galleries and private studios across the island. A large population of the islanders are artists or artisans greatly inspired by the boundless natural beauty surrounding their homes. The libraries here contain books that speak of the adventures of living on an island and the passion for good food that is found abundant for those who call this island their home.

Denman Island indeed does not disappoint anyone. If you end up becoming a resident or buying property here, you will grow to love its natural splendor and the local fanfare, and the investment will prove to be worthwhile. If you are looking to venture into real estate on Denman Island you are best served by finding an agent who has been in the area for several years and understands the local market.

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