Reasons to Retain an Assertive Landlord Attorney in Daytona Beach

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Real Estate Attorney

When you own rental properties, you are expected to abide by a host of federal and state tenant laws. However, these laws may seem to change often, leaving you unsure of which ones still apply to the properties you own and your standing as a landlord.

Instead of risking fines or imprisonment for running afoul of any of them, you can find out how to uphold them as best as possible. You can also confront any legal challenges by hiring an experienced landlord attorney in Daytona Beach to represent you.

Upholding Contracts

When you evict a tenant, you face the possibility of this person taking you to court for unlawful eviction. This person might say that you did not give enough notice. They may also say that you evicted him for an undue reason.

However, when you have a lawyer on retainer to represent you, you can bring to court the contract that you had in place for this person’s tenancy and that the person signed. You can also show the court that you had a valid reason to evict the person and show proof that you provided ample notice to remedy their tenancy challenge with you before you evicted them.

You can find out more about hiring a landlord attorney in Daytona Beach to represent you online. Contact Kistemaker Business Law Group, LLC at today.

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