Top Reasons to Sell to a Legitimate Cash House-Buying Agency

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Real Estate Consultant

The concept of selling your house for cash has been around for decades. However, instead of just being a vehicle to unload an underwater mortgage, many folks use these companies to expedite the sales of their residences. Whatever the case, there are a number of benefits of selling to a cash house-buying agency. Here are just a few of them.

Fair Cash Deal

A company that runs “we buy houses in Virginia” ads will almost always pay you cash for your house. Although you’ll receive a fair price for your property, it’ll typically be less than market value. This is largely due to the liquidity and convenience of the offer.

Fewer Hassles

If you hired a real estate agent, you’d need to continuously clean your house, stage high-profile rooms like your kitchen and living room, swap out shades for blinds and even paint certain rooms. This busy work is completely unnecessary when you sell your home to a cash house-buying company.

Avoid a Scam

With a legitimate “we buy houses in Virginia transaction” you’ll avoid a potential scam where someone just assumes your loan so that they can sell it to another investor. In this type of scenario, you don’t know if your loan will even get paid off. Contrarily, a reputable cash home-buying agency will have a successful track record and few complaints.

Quick Sale

Companies that promote “we buy houses in Virginia” deals can usually complete their purchases within a week or two. The timeframe will largely be up to you as you’ll need to find another residence and move out of the house.

Selling to a legitimate cash house-buying firm will also enable you to avoid a real estate commission. That’s because you won’t need one of these professionals to help sell your property.

Simple Real Estate Solutions, Inc. always makes selling your house an easy endeavor.

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