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by | Dec 18, 2019 | Real Estate Consultant

The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, penned a saying, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” meaning the unforeseen can, and does, occur. Although people plan for their future, there are times when things happen. For example, if you need to relocate quickly to take advantage of a lucrative job offer, the long, drawn-out process of selling your house through a realtor may be impractical. Perhaps you are having trouble with repaying your mortgage. These are common examples of when you should turn to investors who say, “We buy houses in Massachusetts.”

Simple and Fast

Circumstances often cause people to sell their homes fast. It may be a matter of illness, perhaps you are moving out of state, or perhaps you have inherited a house you do not want or need.

Having an investor buy your house is very different from selling your house. If you list your house with a local realtor or elect to sell it privately, you can be looking at months before you get an offer and a further month or two before the sale closes. It can take even more time if you are a link in a chain. Not to mention legal fees, real estate agency fees, taxes and more that have to be paid from the sale proceeds.

When you elect to sell your house to an investor, the time to close the sale and receive the proceeds shrink from as long as six months to two weeks or less. After viewing your home, an investor will come back with a responsible offer within the day. If you agree to the offer, the investor takes it from there.

Your goal and the goal of the investor are the same. Both want you to get the most value out of your home, while at the same time, remove the stress of trying to sell the house while you are under duress.

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