Secrets on How to Sell My Home Fast in Portland

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Real Estate Consultant

When it is time to sell my home fast in Portland you want to make a fast sale, but get your money is worth. Closing a home sale in Portland that also gives a profit does not have to be a distant endeavor, but you need to understand the secrets of selling your home.

Always be ready to show

Your home for sale in Portland needs to be ‘show-ready’ at all times because you never know when your potential buyer will walk through the door. We advise that you be available whenever a buyer wants come and see the home. Ensure the house and the compound is clean always, although this may look a bit difficult, it can get your home sold.

Ensure the pricing is right

Find out what your home for sale in Portland is worth, and then cut 10 to 15 percent off that price. You will be surprised by the number of multiple bids you will get even in the worst real estate markets. The bids may even surpass the actual value of the home. At Keller Williams Memorial, we know that this takes courage, which most sellers do not have. This is however the single best strategy to sell a home today.

Choose the right agent

One secret for not selling your home for sale in Portland is hiring the wrong agent. Ensure you have a well-informed agent. Our agents are well equipped to serve the needs of buyers and sellers in every market. We know what properties are selling in the market and we continuously monitor multiple listing services. Our tech savvy agents have a variety of tools to get your home sold. We are the biggest real estate company in the world, you can trust us to handle your home sale for you and ease your selling headache.

For more details about how to sell a home in Portland, please visit our website PDX Renovations LLC. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure that you get the best results at the end of the deal.

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