Top Reasons to Accept an Offer from a Legitimate Home-Buying Company

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Real Estate

Companies and individuals have been offering cash-for-homes deals for a number of years. During a recession or when you’re struggling financially, a home-buying firm can help you avoid a foreclosure or offset an upside-down mortgage. You can also use one of these companies to sell a property that’s old and weathered. Whatever your situation, a homebuyer company can help you out. Here’s how.

Quick Sale

CT home buyers can complete purchases of homes in as little as seven days. This gives the buying firm time to finalize the paperwork and schedule its lawyer for the day of the sale. You are also free to invite your attorney to the closing.

Cash Offer

A home-buying company will usually pay cash for your house. This is money that will help you get out of debt, move house quickly, or even invest in your children’s college education.

Saves Time

Selling to CT home buyers is quick and simple. In fact, other than planning your next move, you won’t have anything to do but wait for the closing date. By comparison, a real estate agent would expect you to paint walls, replace rusty plumbing fixtures, and even upgrade your windows to attract the right buyer.

No Closing Costs

Most CT home buyers will pay all closing costs for sellers. Therefore, if you’re selling a $250,000 home and the closing costs are 4 percent, you’ll save $10,000.

CT Cash Homes have built their stellar reputation by offering Connecticut residents fair prices for their homes.

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