How to Pet-Proof Your Student Apartment for Your Four-Legged Friend

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Real Estate Agencies

There is nothing like realizing you are moving into pet friendly apartments in San Marcos, TX. Of course, you want to ensure your student apartment is safe enough for your four-legged friend. Use the following tips to pet-proof your student apartment.

Talk to Your Roommates

Start by talking to your roommates before you bring your pet to the apartment. You want to ensure they are okay with a cat or dog at least staying in your bedroom. If you are renting with roommates who strongly dislike pets, you may want to look for new roommates or reconsider moving your pet in at all. This is why pets should be discussed before or early in the semester.

Designate a Pet-Friendly Space

Whether you are renting alone or with roommates who enjoy pets, you should designate a space to your pet. This space should include everything your pet needs to live comfortably. You can use pet gates to keep your dog in their area when you cannot watch them, while your cat’s space may need to be in your bedroom with the door closed.

Safeguard Your Pet’s Environment

Once you set up your pet’s space and determine where they are allowed to roam, you want to safeguard their environment. Cords, wires, and outlets should be hidden or covered to prevent electrical shocks, and poisonous items, sharp objects and choking hazards should be kept away from your pet altogether.

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