3 Huge Tips for Finding Suitable Student Apartments Near Your Campus

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Living off-campus can be a pretty exciting and rewarding part of your educational journey. This method of living may be better for those wanting to introduce themselves to the new world of independence and responsibilities. Although it can be nice, there is important information to know in order to be successful in securing quality student housing. Consider these three tips for finding suitable student apartments near OSU.

1. Always Tour Before Anything Else

Before you fill out any applications or sign anything, make sure that you meet the landlord, property manager, and see the rental in person. Getting a tour of the place and the neighborhood can help you be sure everything is legitimate and safe. Consider taking a roommate along with you to tour. The room or apartment you tour should be the actual unit for rent, not just the model.

2. Ask Questions

As you’re searching for suitable student apartments near OSU, make sure that you ask the right questions. Think about utilities, rental insurance, maintenance, lease terms, and more. Since you’re a student, you should also consider asking about subletting since you may need to utilize that during your time there. Security features, appliances, amenities, and parking availability should be discussed as well.

3. Take Pictures of the Rental

Before you move anything in, make sure that you take pictures of the entire rental. Encourage your roommate(s) to do the same. Any damage that is already there should be reported to property management, as this will ensure that you aren’t accidentally made responsible for paying for those repairs.

Being prompt, attentive, and inquisitive can pay off more than you know. For more helpful information, contact Alight Stillwater at https://alight-stillwater.com.

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