3 Practical Benefits of Living Off Campus for Returning Students

Your freshman year in college can be a little confusing and intimidating, so it makes sense to stay on campus. Living in a dorm will keep you closer to everything, and that will help you adjust to university life. However, you may find that you have outgrown campus life by your second year. By that time in your college career, you should consider looking for students apartments for rent near Cal State in Fullerton.

Enjoy More Freedom

When you rent an off-campus apartment, you’ll find that you have much more freedom in how you live. You won’t have to abide by dorm curfews, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing a roommate. This gives you the freedom to pursue other interests outside of your studies, get a second job, or have guests overnight.

Live More Comfortably

Your off-campus apartment will also be much more spacious. If you want even more living space, you can take on a roommate. Living with another person won’t feel as cramped as sharing a dorm since you will each have your own bedrooms. Additionally, two-bedroom units are considerably larger than single units.

Save on Expenses

Although you may pay most of your expenses upfront when you live on campus, you’ll still be paying more than the average in that community. As you look for students’ apartments for rent near Cal State in Fullerton, you’ll find that utility costs, groceries, and even the rent is less than you were paying when you lived on campus. Staying off campus can help you save for your first year after graduation when your expenses will rise.

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