What Students and Parents Can Expect from Student Living in San Antonio

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Student Housing Center

After students’ first and second years, they’re often allowed to live off campus. While this is an exciting change, it raises some questions for students and parents. Here is what everyone can expect from student living in San Antonio.

Safe Student Housing Near Campus

An advantage of student living is that it’s near campus. Most are within a mile of campus, making it a short commute to get to class, whether driving, taking a shuttle, or walking.

Housing Rates

Student apartments are priced according to the number of bedrooms or, more precisely, the number of roommates—a four-bedroom student apartment averages around $680 per month per person. Students who want to share with one other person can find two-bedroom units starting at $800 a month, and for those who prefer to live alone, the cost is about $1250 a month.

Most housing rates include ensuite bathrooms, furnishings, in-unit laundry, high-speed internet, water/sewer, and all the complex’s amenities.


One of the nicest parts of student living off campus is the amenities. Many regular apartment complexes don’t have amenities as nice as the ones found at student apartments. Most have not one but two pools, fire pits, recreational opportunities like hiking and biking trails with free bike rentals, study centers, free onsite parking (some have reservable covered parking), and more!

Students and parents interested in learning more about student living in San Antonio should schedule a visit right away. Top-quality apartments fill up fast! Contact Hill Country Place online at https://livehillcountryplace.com for more information.

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