The Advantages of Moving into Apartments for Students This Year

by | May 13, 2022 | Student Housing Center

The dorm rooms may only serve you as a student for a year or two. After you reach your junior or senior year, you may find you need more space and privacy than what you can get in the dormitories.

However, you also may want to stay as close to campus as possible. You might benefit from moving to a place like one of the College Station apartments for students that are available to you this year.

Ample Space

When you move to your own place, you can get more room in which to store your belongings. The dorm rooms only have shallow closets and may have no room for dressers. You might have to store your clothes and other items in totes under your bed or in a storage unit.

However, your apartment might have walk-in closets and plenty of room for dressers in the bedroom. You can have ample space to store your belongings and avoid having to pay for a separate storage unit to hold your items.

Private Kitchen

Another benefit of moving into your own place involves having your own kitchen in which to prepare your own meals and groceries. You avoid having to eat in the dormitory cafeteria. You can make your own healthy and fulfilling meals yourself.

Find out more about the College Station apartments for students available to you this year online. Reach out to Lark Northgate by going to for more information.

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