Why Student Housing Is a Popular Option for Young People in Wilmington

Young people usually have three options available to them when they move to a new city to attend university classes. They can choose to live in a dorm, they can rent a house or apartment, or they can get off-campus student housing. Here are a few reasons why UNCW off campus housing is often the most popular option.

When comparing off-campus housing to general apartments or houses, you get a lot more amenities with off-campus housing. Student housing is designed to meet the needs of young people who are going to the university. They offer a long list of amenities that young people will use and that will save them money. Also, if a young person decides to have roommates, they sign per-person contracts. Joint contracts are signed when moving into general apartments and houses. This often leaves young people broke and frustrated if their roommates do not live up to their contract.

In comparison to dorm life, UNCW off campus housing offers so much more space, privacy, and freedom. You will benefit from a full-size kitchen. You can use the in-unit washing machine and dryer. You won’t have hall monitors who are constantly asking you to keep the noise down or making sure you arrive home before curfew. You can finally get the independence you have been looking forward to your whole life with off-campus housing.

Learn how Redpoint Wilmington is conveniently located near UNC Wilmington campus and how it offers spacious apartments for those seeking something a little less ordinary.

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