Why Student Apartment Living Is the Perfect Situation in College

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Although moving from a dorm to an apartment may seem like a major decision, but there are many reasons to take the plunge. From the outstanding amenities to the stress-free maintenance, you will find yourself in a situation that has tremendous value and convenience.

When you are moving away from your parent’s home or escaping dorm life, you should seriously consider the lifestyle that comes with student apartments. Below are reasons why these units would be the perfect living situation.

Catered to Students

If you chose to move to a traditional apartment complex, you get surrounded by residents at various stages of life. This environment can be helpful and educational during certain times. But, while in college, you benefit greatly from being around other students. Plus, UW Madison apartments are outfitted with amenities catered to students, like study areas, roommate matching, and locking bedrooms.


You may not have much money left over after paying for your tuition, books, and car. If you were moving to a traditional complex, you would worry about filling your space with the necessary items. However, with UW Madison apartments, you will get furnished apartments that even have a TV set up for you. You will not have to spend a lot figuring out where everything will go, the stylish design is already set up for you. When you move in, put up your clothes, and then you are good to go.

Take a tour of UW Madison apartments to see what you would get when you move in. Make an appointment today with Lark at Kohl at www.larkatkohl.com.

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