Stopping Your Pet From Damaging Your Pet-Friendly Apartments

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Student Housing Center

There are times when living on your own can be a bit lonely, but the company of a pet can make home life tremendously better. Although your pet is fun to have around, you don’t want them to a lot of destruction to your residence. Pet-friendly apartments expect some wear and tear but will charge you extra fees for anything extreme. Take a glance at these ways to prevent excessive damage and keep your home looking great.

Door Protectors

When your pet misses you or wants to get out of the apartment, they may claw at the door to show their desperation.  Usually, once doors are severely scratched, they cannot be patched and have to be completely replaced.  Many people have not heard of door protectors, but they help keep the door from being shredded by your cat or dog.  These sticky sheets have a sleek surface that will keep your fur baby down and your pet-friendly apartments in Marquette in great shape.


When your pet is bored, they will try to create a way to entertain themselves. They can’t turn on a movie and don’t know the value of your furniture, carpet, or blinds. Instead, they see these items to relieve pressure or a fun way to pass the time. You can keep them better occupied by providing them with a variety of chew toys or scratch posts. If you work long hours or must go out of town, have a friend or sitter come by your pet-friendly apartments in Marquette to play with them and take them on walks.

At the Lark on 14th, we have experience in helping pet owners handle college and still take care of their pets. Contact us today if you would like a tour.

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