Rules to Keep in Mind When Renting a Student Apartment Near IUPUI

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Student Housing Center

There are rules to keep in mind when renting a student apartment, and these rules can prepare you for your apartment after college. When it is time to move out, you want to leave the apartment just as it was when you moved into the community. It is important to keep the following rules in mind when looking into student apartments for rent near IUPUI.

Ask Before You Paint

It may be tempting to paint your bedroom in your favorite color, but it is important to ask the landlord before you even purchase a bucket of paint. You want to make sure you are allowed to paint the walls. If you are not permitted to paint, you can add your favorite color with removable wallpaper and room accessories.

Be Mindful of Holes

When decorating your student apartments for rent near the University of Indianapolis, IN, you want to be mindful of the holes you could put in the wall. Consider self-adhesive hooks for hanging wall art and jackets. If you damage the walls, you may need to spend money out of pocket to repair them.

Maintain The Appliances

You also need to maintain the appliances in your student apartment. It is one thing if you move into an apartment with a faulty appliance, but it is another thing if you break the appliance because you did not take care of it. Failure to maintain your appliances could result in spending the money to have it repaired.

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