Louisiana State University Off-Campus Housing to Die for Now Open for Tours

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Student Housing Center

College-bound students with plans to attend the prestigious LSU this year should really set up a personal tour of Louisiana State University’s off-campus housing that is to die for; they are so beautiful. Tours are starting now, so get on the schedule and dare to dream of new beginnings and an enchanting student lifestyle.

Beat the Heat in the Rooftop Pool or Soak Cares Away in a Hot Tub

Let’s face it, this area of the south is well-known for its grueling summertime temperatures. When you decide to live in this elite student housing off-campus complex, you can beat the heat anytime you please by diving into the rooftop pool. The sunset views from this high vantage point are stunning. Achy from too much time bent over the books? Soak away your cares in a steamy hot tub. All of this is possible in these impressive Louisiana State University off-campus housing units that appear almost too good to be true.

Enjoy a Huge Game Day Lounge, Student Media Café & Private Study Booths for Study Sessions

There is so much to see and do right from home when you live at this sensational student housing complex located in a central and safe downtown Baton Rouge neighborhood. Be close to everything you could ever desire and get to class on time because the campus is just minutes from your front door. Enjoy a terrace zero-entry pool, fitness center with yoga garden and dance studio, fireside lounge, and more.

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