What to Look for When Searching for the Perfect Off-Campus Housing

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Student Housing Center

Living off-campus has a ton of benefits. For one, you get a whole lot more privacy compared to living in a dorm, and two, you get a whole lot more freedom. The tricky part is choosing the right University of Wyoming off-campus housing option that works for you and your budget. To help you choose the right place, we’ve put together the following list of things to look for when searching for off-campus housing.

Commuting Time

First up, since you won’t be directly on campus anymore, you want to look for housing that is super close to your university. If you don’t have a vehicle, then you’re going to want a place that is in walking or biking distance from campus or that is close to public transport.


Just because you want to live off-campus doesn’t mean you don’t want to participate in college life. When researching possible University of Wyoming off-campus housing options, look for neighborhoods that offer housing specifically for college students. That way you will still be a part of your university’s student life.


Perhaps the most important thing to look for is housing that is within your budget. There are many living expenses to consider when living off-campus, some of which include food, utilities, deposits, and more. Make sure you are able to afford your housing plus additional expenses.

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