Large Homes for Rent for University Students in Denton, Texas

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Rental Homes for College Students

As a student at the University of North Texas, you could rent an off-campus apartment or house at an affordable rate. Some UNT spacious student apartments are available with up to five total bedrooms. Therefore, you could share such a large residential property with several other trusted roommates. The property managers will pair you with compatible roommates based on important criteria. Some UNT spacious student apartments include multiple levels, an attached parking garage and driveway. Most of the bedrooms are typically located on the second floor of a residential dwelling that’s designed for students. Balconies and patios certainly provide more utility and convenience for living and studying in Denton, Texas. Additionally, the rental homes usually include a dedicated laundry room and walk-in closets for storing large items.

Outdoor and Indoor Amenities

When living in UNT spacious student apartments, you could enjoy several premium outdoor facilities throughout the year. For instance, the heated outdoor swimming pool will be the main focal point of the community during the summer season. Having a resort-style layout, the pool is the ideal spot for parties and social events that are authorized by the management company. You could also play beach volleyball or tennis at some of the private courts at your residence. Pet-friendly living options should be available at off-campus complexes that include single-family homes with multiple levels. Such communities also have extensive trails and on-site dog parks for extra convenience.

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