Companies That Buy Houses in Baltimore Offer Quick, Easy Selling Solutions

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Real Estate

Companies that buy houses in Baltimore offer homeowners a fast, simple route to unload unwanted properties and make cold, hard cash in record time. Cash house sales are becoming the new norm and with good reason. Here’s a brief overview of the process.

Buying Houses for Cash

Companies offering cash for houses cut many of the costly steps associated with selling a home the traditional way. Since the company is the buyer, there’s no need to list the house, complete repairs, hire a real estate agent or deal with steep closing costs.

Instead, with a private cash house sale, the seller contacts the buying company directly with details about their house for sale. The buyer confirms that the house meets the company’s criteria. The buyer makes a fair cash offer, and both parties close within days and whenever it’s convenient for the seller.

Are Cash House Sales Legal?

Yes, cash house sales are legal and safe. Any homeowner has the right to sell their home for any reason: divorce, death in the family, retirement, downsizing or the need to complete a quick, informal estate sale. Plus, cash house sales always involve a reputable, licensed title company to protect both the seller’s and buyer’s interests.

Initiating the cash house sale process is easy. One can do it on online or by phone. The process entails a handful of steps, and sellers can expect to receive a competitive cash offer within 24 hours.

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