Do Off-Campus Student Apartments Come with a Private Bathroom?

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Everyone’s heard about the horrors of dorm room bathrooms. Dozens of people have to use the same showers, sinks and toilets-, -and if you accidentally forget your clothes when you take a shower, you’re stuck in an awkward situation. As you’ve checked out the Tallahassee apartments near FSU, you’ve probably heard the claims that student apartments offer much more privacy than dorm rooms. But what about the bathroom situation? Do you still have to share a shower with your entire floor?

Do Off-Campus Student Apartments Have Private Bathrooms?

Each student apartment comes with its own private bathroom. Note that “private bathroom” doesn’t mean “one bathroom per apartment.” In fact, each roommate gets their own private bathroom attached to their room. You won’t have to share your facilities with anyone, not even your roommates.

Student housing bathrooms come fully equipped with a working shower, a sink, a modern toilet and other facilities. You won’t have to deal with hundreds of people coming through every day–all you’ll have to do is keep your space clean and tidy. And technically, you don’t even have to do that. It’s your bathroom, your rules.

If you’re looking for Tallahassee apartments near FSU, stop by the Redpoint West Tenn website. You can check out the floor plans to see the private bedrooms and bathrooms and how they’re arranged. You can also think about how many roommates you’d like to have. The more roommates you have, the cheaper your rent will be, so choose wisely.

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