3 Reasons You Should Consider Living Off Campus Next Semester

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Student Housing Center

After you get acclimated to campus life in your first semester, you should consider moving into off-campus student apartments at LSU for future semesters. This is because you can better enjoy your college years when you live off campus. Before you make your final decision, consider some of the advantages of living in an off campus rental unit.

Enjoy More Freedom and Privacy

One of the first differences you’ll notice when you live off campus is that you’ll have a larger living space with a private bathroom. You’ll also have your own bedroom. In addition to the higher level of privacy, you’ll have more freedom to entertain guests, stay out later, or enjoy your downtime in a more relaxing environment.

Take Advantage of Free Amenities

An off-campus apartment community will offer free amenities that you may not find on campus. This includes free access to a fitness center and swimming pool. You may also be allowed to keep a pet and some communities have dog parks right on the property. In your unit, you’ll have security features, state of the art appliances, and your own balcony or patio.

Enjoy More Financial Independence

You can save money on meals by doing your own grocery shopping when you live in off-campus student apartments at LSU. You’ll also be able to regulate your own budget. While this can be a challenge as you adapt to paying your own utilities and other monthly bills, it will also be good practice for learning to manage your money.

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