3 Benefits to University Students of Living in LSU Off-Campus Housing

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Living off-campus close to a university campus could be your best option for a college experience. It’s not uncommon for universities to set up residence halls or dormitories on their campuses that are home to many of their students, but these buildings can get crowded and expensive. If you’re looking for the comforts of living at home without the steep costs, consider living in LSU off-campus housing.

Off Campus Apartments Save You Money

Any student knows the costs of tuition, textbooks, and other expenses related to attending university. Students who live on campus know that cost is only going to increase every year as they progress through their degrees.

There’s also more than just the base price of an apartment to consider. You’ll have to pay for electricity, internet access, water, gas, and every other utility that you use. Then there are incidentals like food, toiletries, and personal expenses that typically add up to hundreds of dollars.

Off Campus Living Can Be More Comfortable Than Dorms or Residence Halls

The dormitories on any campus can be noisy late into the night. If you don’t have a roommate that you get along with, living on campus can be very unpleasant. The same could be said for the residence halls or dormitories if you’re not excited about some of the roommates that you have been assigned to live with.

Off Campus Means More Freedom and Privacy

When students decide to move off-campus to nearby apartments, they can live on their own terms without having to worry about curfews or rules that are set in place by the university. With an off-campus apartment, you’ll have your own kitchen and bathroom with plenty of space for storage. The majority of these apartments also offer laundry facilities so you won’t have to spend countless hours at the nearest laundry mat.

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