Why More Residents Are Choosing Rental Homes in Ames

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Real Estate

Although most Ames, Iowa residents still work and save to buy their own homes, some choose to rent. The reasons vary as widely as renters, but many are motivated by three important considerations. They choose Rental Homes in Ames in order to avoid high upfront costs, better control ongoing expenses or free up money for other investments.

Move in Costs Are More Affordable

It costs far less to get into Rental Homes in Ames than to buy property. Home buyers may save for years before they have the down payment and closing costs needed to buy. In comparison, renters can often move in quickly after paying the equivalent of one month’s rent and a security deposit. Even if landlords require an additional last month’s rent and pet deposit, costs are still affordable. In addition, many local residents Contact Furman Realty and work with professionals who quickly match them with homes in their chosen areas and price ranges. In most cases tenants can be moved in within days or weeks.

It Is Easier for Tenants to Control Costs

Some tenants rent in order to better budget living expenses. Even if they have the money to buy homes, they know that owners are responsible to repair everything in their homes and are often hit with unexpected expenses. Renting freezes monthly housing costs for contract periods. If landlords raise the rent, tenants have plenty of notice and can either move or adjust their budgets. When things break in their homes, they call a manager or property owner and never worry about added expenses.

Not Everyone Wants to Invest in Real Estate

Buying a home is often a wise investment, but it is also a long-term commitment that some people do not want to make. Instead of caring for homes while paying mortgages, they rent and put investment cash elsewhere. These investors like to have control over their money and enjoy having the freedom to move it around.

Ames, Iowa residents who want affordable move-in costs often rent homes. These thrifty tenants may also rent so that they can better predict housing costs. Many renters want to put investment cash in something other than property.

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