What You Have Not Thought to Pack for your Extended Stay

Moving is difficult, it takes up energy, time, and lots of effort. It may take weeks, months or even years to completely make a new area feel like home, imagine having to do it every six months? Short-range housing unpacking and packing at Military Housing in Chula Vista may get tiresome and tedious, particularly if you want the place to represent yourself without going through the trouble of completely decorating. Here is a little checklist of some items you will want to pack for a 6-month stay.

Plastic Bins and Trunks

Invest in those items, as you will need them. A trunk which is styled or colored to your taste may be doubled to show your personality in the apartment as a storage unit, coffee table, or merely a decorative item for the bedroom. Plastic bins are fantastic because, unlike boxes, it’s possible to constantly reuse them and avoid the trouble of attempting to purchase or locate new ones.

Seasonal Clothes

Packing the suitable clothes for your stay at Military Housing in Chula Vista is important! If you’re going someplace that the weather is frequently cold or warm your packing is going to be lighter and easier since you will not need to bring different seasonal choices. Always be certain that you pack your favorite items, such as a pair of jeans or comfortable sweater.

Things you have not considered bringing with you on travel

You would be shocked how important they may be. Surrounding yourself with familiar people and places is going to make every new place you travel to feel more like home, as well as connected to those you miss and love.

Valuable Items

Bringing some close personal items along with you is going to keep you connected with your loved ones and also will ensure that you know where those items are at all times. Make certain that you pack them inside a bag you keep with you during the move.

Small Decorative Items

Things such as posters, decorative dishes, and other wall art may make the temporary stay also reflect your personality!

Favorite Blankets/Pillows

There isn’t anything worse than crawling to bed and not feeling cozy. Packing your favorite blankets and pillows is important to a good night’s sleep!


If you are traveling around to new places be certain that you bring along your camera to document the travels. Make a day out of it and explore the city you’re in then create a scrapbook.

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