Sell My House Fast in Portland: How to Do It

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Real Estate Consultant

Many homeowners realize that they can’t keep up with their current house. You may have gotten behind with the mortgage payments or know that it is too much house for your needs. Regardless of why you’re selling, you may be thinking to yourself, “I want to sell my house fast in Portland.” It’s becoming a more common thought because everyone knows how slow real estate agents can be.

If you’re worried about who to ask for help, investment companies are an excellent solution. They have the means to purchase your house outright with cash and rarely consider the condition of the home, although they are likely to do a walkthrough of the house to note any issues that they may use later for remodeling purposes.

Quick Sell

Selling to a home investor is much easier and faster. In most cases, you can get an offer on the house within 24 hours of the original request. However, it can take a bit longer if the company representative needs to visit the home for a quick inspection. Sometimes, the offer is made on the spot, but the representative may need to get authorization from the rest of the team to offer you a price. Regardless, you get a quote quickly, and you can choose to take the offer, make a counter-offer, or reject the offer.

Making a counter-offer means that you ask for more than what the company comes up with; it can help you get enough for whatever purposes you require, but the company may not accept the counter-offer. You can still accept the original offer or decline it. If you choose to decline, you can focus on traditional selling options, such as putting it up for sale yourself or hiring a real estate agent. Therefore, you have a variety of options for selling and can make a more informed decision. To know more contact PDX Renovations LLC.

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