Pet-Friendly Apartment Options Expand in Virginia Beach

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Real Estate

Virginia Beach is a popular coastal destination that draws tourists and new residents seeking to find a Pet-Friendly Apartment Near Me, Virginia Beach. While many apartments have restrictions on pets, the options for renters with furry companions are growing.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Housing

Having the ability to bring pets along when moving into a new rental property offers multiple advantages. For renters, it avoids the heartache of being separated from beloved companion animals. It also provides convenience, as pet owners don’t have to make extensive arrangements for pet care when they work or travel.

For property managers and landlords, allowing pets can make units more appealing in a competitive rental market. With proper screening and policies, they can tap into the large segment of U.S. households—over 65%—that own pets.

Where to Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in Virginia Beach

Several newer large developments in Virginia Beach now accommodate pets, as more renters prioritize this option.

Newer Large Complexes

• Riverwalk at Arrowhead. This apartment community only a mile from the Chesapeake Bay allows up to two pets per apartment. Pet fees and breed restrictions apply.

• West Beach Commons. Just blocks from the beachfront, this complex charges $15/month for one pet and $25/month for two. Weight limits are enforced.

• Reflections at City Center. In the Pembroke area of Virginia Beach, small dogs and cats are welcome with monthly pet rent.

Smaller Complexes and Private Rentals

Smaller complexes and individually owned condos also offer pet-friendly units, which can sometimes be found on websites. Private landlords may charge large deposits or monthly fees but may also be more flexible on breed and size restrictions.

Looking Ahead

The trends toward more pet-inclusive rental housing policies look poised to continue growing in Virginia Beach and other popular metro areas. With demand high among millennial and baby boomer renters alike who are looking for a pet-friendly apartment near me, Virginia Beach, landlords and developers are taking note. More are realizing the benefits of welcoming responsible pet owners, who often make loyal long-term tenants.

Going forward, expect to see newer buildings integrating pet amenities like dog parks, wash stations, and trails from the start. Marketing materials will tout pet perks to attract this desirable demographic. With more supply, the need for excessive deposits and restrictions may decrease as well. For renters with pets, the expanding options provide peace of mind.

Policies to Expect

While availability has improved, those seeking pet-friendly apartments in Virginia Beach should still expect limitations and fees. Typical policies include:

• Restrictions on the number, size, and breed of pets

• Monthly pet fees, often $20-$40 per pet

• Increased security deposits, potentially hundreds of dollars

• Requirements to provide vet records and immunization history

• Possibly pet DNA registration and waste cleanup rules

Even with these constraints, the chance to keep furry family members together makes the search worthwhile for many renters. With demand growing, pet-friendly options in Virginia Beach and the rest of the country will likely continue expanding.

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