Mobile Home Dealers in Charleston, SC Provide Appealing Features

by | May 30, 2022 | Mobile Homes

People who have never been in a manufactured home aside from an older two-bedroom version may not realize how large and beautiful these structures can be. Mobile home dealers in Charleston, SC sell models with three or four bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, and fireplaces. Some are larger than 2,000 sq. ft.

Attractive Features

Luxury mobile homes for sale have a large number of attractive features that aren’t always provided even in new frame-built houses. Built-in bookshelves, a kitchen island, and a full bathroom with two separate sinks are examples. Having two sinks makes it especially easy for couples to get ready for work at the same time.

Mobile homes built a long time ago may seem dark inside because of small windows and a plethora of paneling. Today’s structures are more commonly characterized by many large windows as well as sheet rock throughout instead of paneling.

No Need for an Addition

Many older manufactured houses seen in the countryside have an addition built onto the structure. In some cases, the owners turned a vacation and weekend dwelling into a permanent residence. They might have added a large room so they could use the building’s original living room as a dining area.

Buying a double-wide model from one of the mobile home dealers in Charleston, SC allows rural property owners to have a permanent residence without needing to add frame-built square footage. Some dealers offering luxury mobile homes for sale provide land packages for customers who don’t already own residential property.

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