Luxurious Comfort and Convenience in University of Wyoming Off Campus Housing

by | May 14, 2021 | Student Housing Center

When University of Wyoming students get ready for the new academic year, their concerns should be on their academic work, and not so much on their off campus living situation. Checking into  the University of Wyoming off-campus housing now can ensure that when the new school year rolls around, the focus will be on the classes, not worrying about where residency will be or what challenges they’ll have to meet in living in less than suitable and stable housing.

The University of Wyoming’s off-campus housing options includes great options close by the campus, well suited for two or three students in a safe, convenient, comfortable atmosphere. Amenities on-site the rental property include electricity and water. Full kitchens in each room, with a personal bathroom and walk-in closets for each bedroom, are extremely popular. Sewer, trash removal, and community amenities are included in the monthly rent.

Other fantastic features found within steps of all apartment rooms include:

  • Clubhouse with coffee bar
  • Basketball and sand volleyball courts
  • Disc golf
  • Dog Park
  • Shuttle bus to campus
  • Social events
  • Controlled access to community
  • 24-hour on-site management
  • Access to hiking/bike trails

Check with apartment administration for optional clubhouse location upgrades, the possibility of deals on monthly rent rates, paying zero down, with an application fee and deposit waived.

Alight Laramie’s fantastic off-campus housing, only one mile from the University of Wyoming’s beautiful campus, offers all these features and more. Check out everything Alight Laramie has to offer at

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