Looking For A House To Rent?

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Real Estate

Renting is often thought of as something done by people before climbing the property ladder, but many homeowners opt to rent for periods of time while waiting to buy. Whatever your reason for looking for houses to rent, we’ve asembled a list of simple tips for you to keep in mind – so that you can make the most of your rental viewing experience, and consider all the practiclities before signing a rental agreement.

10 Quick Tips To Keep In Mind While Looking For A House To Rent

1. Do your neighborhood research
If you can narrow down your area of focus before looking for houses, you can really concentrate your efforts in a neighborhood where you are most likely to be happy. Online research is a good start but ultimately getting a feel for the area in person is your best bet.

2. Measure the space
Remember to take a tape measure with you and measure the rooms and the doors to ensure that your big items (i.e. bed, sofa, appliances) will fit in the space – and through the door!

3. Security
Make sure to check all the security features of the house – alarm, electric fencing, window locks and other security features. The level of security can make a huge impact on your insurance – as well as help you sleep soundly at night!

4. Temperature
Check the types of heating and cooling available. Find out which rooms it is available in and if it works. Should it not work, ask the agent if and when it will be fixed.

5. Garden Maintenance
How much maintenance does the garden require? Ask whether it is expected you maintain the garden or if there is a gardener that comes around. If so, check what their duties are. If you’re a keen gardener and would like to make your own additions to the garden, check with your Jawitz Properties rental agent if it would be okay to do so.

6. Parking
When looking at houses for rent, consider the parking situation. Check that there will be a sufficient number of parking spots on the property for your vehicle requirements.

7. Previous tenants
If possible, try and get in contact with a previous tenant. They’ll be a good source of information for any additional questions you might have.

8. Make sure you set up direct debits or payments properly
Being a tenant who doesn’t pay on time is the best way to ensure your landlord or agent won’t go out of their way to help you. Getting all the finances sorted properly and having the deposit, first month’s rent and subsequent rent arrive on time will mean that you are immediately onside with the people you need to call if the plumbing goes or you want a new oven.

9. Do a full inventory
Don’t be tempted to skip through the inventory and move in as soon as you can. If you don’t go through everything with a fine-toothed comb, then you are leaving yourself open to cash being taken from your deposit down the line. Note if carpets and curtains have been steam-cleaned and check the soft furnishings’ condition. In the first few days of moving in, take a note of all the problems you spot and let your Jawitz Properties rental agent know, preferably in a letter or email then you have a copy should things go wrong.

10. Neighbours
Where possible check who you’ll have as neighbours as at some point, invited or not, they might add to your living experience.

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