Important Things to Know About Short-Term Military Lodging in Norfolk

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Real Estate

One of the hardest parts about moving frequently is finding a place and making sure that everything is arranged before you make a move. One of the ways to help with this process is to use a short-term rental company to find short-term military lodging in Norfolk.

Location Is Crucial

When it comes to short-term military lodging in Norfolk, location is the most important factor. You want to find short-term rentals that are close to a variety of amenities. When searching for a short-term rental, don’t be afraid to ask the rental company about nearby amenities, including grocery stores, movie theaters, zoos, and anything else your family enjoys. The closer you live to things you enjoy, the easier the change is going to be.

Make a List of Must-Haves

Most short-term rentals will come with your basic furnishings, but not everything that you are accustomed to. Before talking with the rental company, create a list of everything that you consider necessary and include minor things you can’t do without.

When talking with the rental company, be specific to find out what is included, such as major appliances, pots, pans, and more. This allows you to bring with you those small things you might need that they don’t have rather than leaving them in storage.

Always Read the Contract

Everybody gets excited at the prospect of finding the perfect house, even if it’s just a short-term rental. Don’t make the mistake of signing the contract until you have read it all the way through. Be sure you understand what you agree to, including additional costs, cancellation terms, yard maintenance, if utilities are covered, and more. If you don’t understand something, be sure to ask for more clarification.

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