Four Ways to Stay Safe from Covid-19 While Living in Campus Apartments

Covid-19 has changed many things and is still ongoing, but the world marches on and so does higher learning. It behooves all returning to universities to keep up safety measures, especially those who are living on campus or in campus apartments such as UT West Campus Apartments. If you are moving into campus housing and are concerned about your safety, then check out the following ways to help you stay safe during your studies.

Limit Contact

University is often a time to gather and hang out with friends, whether to study or socialize. Unfortunately, Covid-19 transmission depends on close contact between people. By limiting your gatherings to small numbers and limiting their frequency, you will absolutely lower your chances of contracting Covid-19.

Keep It Clean

Keeping UT West campus apartments or wherever you live clean will also help you stay Covid free. Make sure to regularly disinfect common areas of your home and don’t forget to do the same to your vehicle if you have one. Additionally, anything you use that also comes into contact with the public should also be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Follow Guidelines

Listen to the experts when it comes to Covid-19. Your county and state health departments will be regularly giving guidance on Covid-19 as well as the federal government. Whether they recommend or mandate masks, take their utterances to heart to stay safe.

Testing and/or Vaccination

Both regular testing and vaccination have been shown to be powerful tool against the spread of Covid-19. Used together they offer a high level of protection that has saved many lives. If you are against vaccinations, then at least engage in regular testing and require the same of those you hang with.

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