Enjoy Residing in One of NYC’s Most-Loved Neighborhoods

When a person selects to purchase one of the UWS apartment for sale, they gain more than a beautiful and spacious place to reside in. Occupants that inhabit the luxury apartments in NYC gain the advantage of residing within walking distance of the various businesses that occupy the area. They will have easy access to some of the most popular boutiques that people from around the world enjoy shopping at. With the various local eateries that provide a diversity in multi-cultural foods can quench anyone’s palate with delicious foods to enjoy. In addition, they gain a home located near various historical attractions that residents and visitors of the city have been enjoying for numerous years.

Slip Away to a Beautiful Home

Whether residents have enjoyed a day exploring the city or returning home from work, they can experience the beauty of the tree-lined streets that are bordered with new sidewalks. Before they return to one of the UWS apartments for sale that provides a spacious home that allows them to combine the beauty of the city while retaining their privacy above the city streets. A building designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that allows the home to use the sun’s natural light to illuminate the owner’s living space. Each residence was designed to create a luxury home that combines the rich history of the city with today’s modern conveniences for the occupants to slip away to at the end of each day.

An Exceptional Floor Plan that Can Meet Anyone’s Needs

221 West 77 was designed to provide a spacious home that remains functional for the residents of the building. An open floor plan that offers space while providing the opportunity to close off specific areas to create a separate space for the residents to enjoy their privacy.

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