Don’t Rule Out Small House Floor Plans When Building Your Dream Home

Your dream home doesn’t have to be large in order to be wonderful. Choosing one of the many small house floor plans when building your home can be beneficial. With less space, you will keep less clutter, and the cozy design often brings loved ones closer together. With only 12,000 square feet or less, these houses can surprisingly handle a few people quite comfortably, and best of all, they are affordable.

What to Expect

Just like their larger counterparts, small houses come in many different styles that range from cottages to craftsman homes. There is no lack of space inside. Most have three bedrooms and two baths. There is plenty of room for couples or for small families, and they are ideal in suburban neighborhoods or on small lots.

The Exterior

Small homes offer many types of materials for you to choose from. Exterior surfaces can be sided, brick, or even stucco. You will be able to customize your plans to suit your own personal style and needs. Common features include covered porches and decks, attached garages, and double pane windows.

The Interior

Choose between open floor plans and designs that have the kitchen separate from the living area. Bedrooms can be found directly off of the main space or on a hallway. Common features include built-in kitchen pantries, fireplaces, and mudrooms.

Whether you are a young couple just starting out and in search of a starter home or retired and want a smaller space to maintain, the small house floor plans that are available could be exactly what you are looking for. Cozy and affordable, a small home can be just as impressive as the larger houses that are popping up all over. Before deciding on your dream home, take a look at what going small has to offer.

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