Community College Boarding and Housing in Illinois? You Bet!

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Student Housing Center

Community colleges as a rule do not usually have housing available. The expectation of community colleges is that the students will drive to and from classes or ride a bus from their homes or apartments. In Normal, Illinois, one community college is providing exceptional housing for Student housing near Heartland Community Collegeits students. Student housing near Heartland Community College includes all of the following.

One to Four Bedroom Apartments

Stay in an apartment by yourself, or stay with one to three roommates. Apartments are not assigned to students like dorm rooms. Ergo, if you are going to Heartland, you can request any apartment with any number of friends attending the same college, so long as the number of occupants doesn’t exceed four in a four-bedroom apartment. Be aware that the pricing you see online is the price PER occupant and not the price overall for rent each month for all occupants.

More Than Just Common Areas

Each apartment has several bathrooms (with the exception of the single occupant apartment that only has one bathroom for obvious reasons). Also, each apartment has an open concept living room and kitchen area. Outside of the apartments, there is a pool, pool deck for lounging, clubhouse, fitness room with exercise equipment, laundry room with coin-operated machines, basketball courts, and even a cookout/picnic area with a grill. It may be student housing, but it mimics adult apartment living in every sense and in every way. It adequately prepares young adults in college for life after college. Contact Campus Point for student housing near Heartland Community College.

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