3 Local Real Estate SEO Tips to Grow Your Business

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Real Estate

There’s one sure thing about real estate SEO marketing Kansas City. It changes constantly. As a real estate agent or broker, you must be ready to implement current SEO strategies.

At Real Estate SEO Experts, we understand how to implement these changes and make them work for our customers. If you’re ready to grow your business, making simple changes to your SEO strategy can help. Here are 3 local real estate SEO tips that you can implement.

Start a blog.
A business blog is a key component of any local SEO strategy. Not only can blog content engage your customers, it can boost your website’s ranking on search engines.

While it’s important to have a blog on your website, you must make a commitment to create fresh content on a regular basis. If not, you won’t be able to experience all of the benefits that a blog has to offer.

Create video content.
Video content can increase your website’s SEO value. This is especially true when you upload the video to YouTube and your website.

There’s plenty of content ideas that would appeal to buyers and sellers in the real estate industry. Popular real estate videos include neighborhood tours, open house videos and live streams.

Audit your website.
How is your website currently performing? You should conduct an audit to determine if you’re providing a good experience for your users. During the audit, pay close attention to the following components.


Ready to take your website’s SEO strategy to the next level? Our real estate SEO marketing Kansas City agency can help. Contact us to find out how we can implement SEO strategies that can grow your business.

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